Yarland Auklet-PRO 88SE-IV EU Integrated Amplifier

SKU: Yarland Auklet-PRO 88SE-IV EU Integrated Amplifier

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Integrated Amplifier



Yarland Pro88-MK IV Push Pull KT88 amplifier. Superb performance and build quality. Hand build, hard wired. With double output transformers, feedback on/off switch. Full metal plate chassis.
Yarland KT88 tube models for Yarland product line of high-end models, excellent workmanship, traditional scaffolding type KT88 tube circuit design, the driving force is very powerful, can easily control the low sensitivity of the speaker, the actual audition, with difficult promote Tanner audience 52SE Bookshelf, both dynamic sound, without missing a thick bile taste, flavor and drivers belonging to the coexistence model, in Yarland PRO 88SE driven. Even in difficult Release name Tanner bookshelf box, low frequency still play its great power, thanks to PRO 88SE used four large high-quality output of cattle, for outstanding sound quality of the aircraft made a contribution can not be ignored, the materials used sophisticated aircraft, at use Yarland highest standard of craftsmanship, the machine weighs 29 kg (net weight)! While the price of only 5,680 yuan, compared with other brands Danji also demonstrate its excellent value for money, is the yuan audio product value choice!


power Tube
KT88 * 4
impulse Tube
6N8P/6SN7 * 2
Signal Tube
Ecc803/12AX7 * 1
working State
Class A / Push-pull
bias Voltage State
Regular Bias
rated Full - Power Bandwidth
4/8ohms - 15Hz-70kHz +/-1dB (input 1v)
maximum Output Power
outpur Load Impedance
4ohm And 8ohm
channel Balance
input Impedance At 1khz
input Terminal
Cd / Aux / Line
output Terminal
power Consumption
product Size
320 * 410 * 170(mm)
29 Kg


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