Yarland AUKLET-300B Integrated Tube Amplifier DEMO

SKU: Yarland AUKLET-300B Integrated Tube Amplifier DEMO

Yarland was established in the Zhejiang province, WenChau in 1996. Yarland is a leading manufacturer of high end products in China. The company product trademark is YARLAND,DREAMWORK.Yarland means "elegant" and "burning determination".

Class A, Push Pull design 300B Intergrated amplifier new Yarland high end series employing Full Music 300B X 4, Elegant black roast paint chassis with wooden panel.
Full remote control functioning, Manual point to point welding, Red Copper binding posts, gold plated signal input jacks and sockets. Claritycap capacitors and USA made resistors. 4 Pairs of RCA inputs with pre amplifier input. Regular bias adjustment with sample adjustment knobs on the top, Vaccum tube rectification using 5Z2PX2, and Fantastic 300B seductive sound with good dynamics and control!!

Power Tube: 300B x 4 / Impulse Tube: 6N8P x 2 / Voltage Tube: 12AX7 x 2
Commute voltage tube: 5Z2P x 2
Working state: class A,push-pull
Bias voltage state: Regular bias(Regulate outside)
Rated FULL-POWER Bandwidth: 8Ω/4Ω 18w 15Hz-70kHz +/-1dB
Maximum Continuous Power into 4-8 ohms: 26w
Rated Output Power THD: 18w/2%
Output Load impedance: 4ohms / 8 ohms
SNR: 91dB
Rated THD: 28w/5%(pentode)
Rated THD: 15w/5%(audion)
Output Load impedance: 4ohms / 8 ohms
Negative feedback select: ON(much) / OFF(little)
SNR: 89dB
Input Impedance at 1kHz: 100k or 20K
Input terminal: CD / AUX / LINE / PRE-INPUT
Max power ullage: 600VA
Product Size: (W)474mm x (D)385mm x (H)190mm
Weight: 32kgs
Accessory: Wire,Guide Instrument,Valve Pack,Guarantee Card,Remote control
CHARACTERISTIC: Gold socket / roast paint(black) / Red copper binding post / Wooden Panel / Manual Point
To Point Welding / Perfect tubes packing

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