Talk Electronics Tornado 2.1 Silver

SKU: Talk Electronics Tornado 2.1 Silver

This British beauty is truly a "Best in class" power amplifier. It is open and airy, with unbelievable dynamics and has total control over even the most difficult massed instrumental music. It is detailed and at the same time smooth and without even a hint of edginess.
Talk has done what is expected of a quality UK product and then taken it a step further. Build quality is of the utmost, with a chassis design utilizing aluminum to avoid the potential magnetic field problems caused by steel. The heart of the Tornado is a dual wound 300 VA transformer that greatly exceeds the performance of others in this class. Aside from the sheer sonic virtues this thing is also a power house, with the power rising from 100 watts to 170 watts into a more difficult 4 ohm load. To top it off the cosmetics are first rate and I'll just let the pictures do the talking here.

When used with the matching Hurricane 2.1 preamplifier this Talk power amp will provide unparalleled performance in its price range.

Mono/Stereo: Stereo
Nominal power output 20-20k 8 ohms: 100W
Input impedance: 22k ohms
Input sensitivity: 1V for full output
Distortion 1KHz 8Ohms: <0.01%
Mains Voltage: 230V or 115V AC ± 10%
Dimensions: width 430mm
height 90mm
depth 300mm
(allow at least 400mm for connections)


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