Rega RB202 Tonearm

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The R200 is a Rega designed Japanese built 'S' shaped tonearm, and was carried by the first Rega turntables built during the 70's.    The time had come for Rega to design and build its own tonearm and so the world famous RB300 (Rega Britain) was born by 1983. The high pressure die-cast silicon alloy tube alone took two years to develop alongside the UK's largest die-cast company. The work and Rega's casting subsequently won them an "international casting award" from America for what is still considered today to be a technically impossible casting.  Since its conception Rega have sold over 400,000 of the now legendary RB300 derived tonearm.

Technically correct levels of effective mass.

High quality appropriate materials used throughout.

Unique bearing assembly's offering high levels of rigidity (zero-play) combined with very low bearing friction ( RB301 and above).

Unique anti skate mechanism which provide ample power whilst introducing no bearing friction.

Very high levels of stability whilst tracking the record resulting in market leading performance in dealing with record warps large or small.

Bespoke manufactured wiring throughout offering ultimate performance.

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