REDGUM RGi60ENR Integrated Amplifier


As the upgraded Signature Series version of the original RGi60, the RGi60ENR offers the transformer, power supply and output stages as used in the original RGi120 - giving your new amplifier greater than 75WRMS/ch.
Get "the one that everybody loves", with quite a bit extra!
Made in Australia - truly!
Power Output: 75 + 75 Watt/Ch RMS (160 + 160 W RMS - transient)
Harmonic Distortion: less than .009% (below Clipping)
Intermodulation Distortion: less than .005% (below Clipping)
Signal to noise: greater than 100dB
Input Impedance: 10K ohms (matches 600 ohms - 50K ohms)
Slew Rate: greater than 65Volt / microsecond
Damping Factor: greater than 150
Frequency Response: 0.8 Hz to 80KHz (-3dB points)
Peak Current: greater than 120 amps
Audio Inputs: CD1, AV1, DVD, CD2, AV2
Suggested Speakers: REDGUM RGS Manna (shielded Bookshelf) or RGS Lucens (shielded Floorstanding)
Cabinet Finish: high gloss solid Red Gum wood fascia, black gloss thick steel chassis
Options: choice of Dual Mono or Single volume; key switch, rocker or toggle switch; alternative front panels can made to order (at additional charge) or as supplied by customer; Other possibilities? Just talk to us about it!
Warranty: Full 7 year Warranty
Dimensions:420mm (W) x 360mm (D) x 95mm (H)
16.5in (W) x 14.2in (D) x 3.75in (H)
Shipping weight: 10 kg / 22 lb (8.16 kg/18 lb cubic)


"Best Buy Awards Winner"
Stereo Hi-Fi & Home Theatre Consumer Guide 2000 - Australia

"Best Buy Awards Winner"
Stereo Hi-FI & Home Theatre Consumer Guide 2003 - Australia


6moon Audio Review - 2013
The Redgum is fruitcake: rich and deep on tonal flavors. There’s a hint of brandy in the bass to give it that Christmas Day kick. Sultanas, raisins and nuts combine for an altogether more organic presentation. It’s the least artificial tasting of the three. If this sounds like a rave, it is. Three words nail the Redgum’s essence: organic, punchy and capacious. What a ripper!  - for a THIS review!!
Hi-Fi News - U.K., Jan 2007
Performing well above the call of duty for a 60W amplifier led to a system response that can be described using all the Hi-fi buzz words – synergy, fast, clean, precise, extremely tight – with the great excitement of rock or classicalperformances exposed via its unexpectedly intense dynamic range and even frequency response. (REDGUM Summary)
Positive Feedback Online - U.S., Issue 35, 2007  
"We sit down and listen to music. Cold and stiff, it is very listenable. Again, I am struck with the almost feminine qualities … delicacy, refinement, and poise. Not to say that it can't rock, but it does that with that bare sweaty midriff Gwen Stefani approach, not some hairy tattoed troglodyte."
Stereo Hi-Fi & Home Theatre Consumer Guide 2003 - Australia
"The entire system gels … you're held in its multi-layered sonic charms." "... taking you on a rollicking rollercoaster ride across the frequency spectrum." (originally in Audio Video Lifestyle, #116, 2002)
Stereo Hi-Fi & Home Theatre Consumer Guide 2000 - Australia
"If musical insight is your idea of hi-fi heaven, then the RGi60 amp will take you there and back." (originally in  Audio Video Lifestyle, #80, 1999)
Gramophone - U.K., Jan 2001
As a system, an extra special something seemed to be added to the equation… offering the full excitement captured, whether orchestral or solo performances. (REDGUM Summary

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