Origin Live Aurora MK2

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Origin Live Aurora MK2


This turntable is an exceptionally clean condition comes with original box, speed is very accurate and can be easily adjusted it originally had and audio mods arm mounted on




All of Origin Live’s products excel at revealing LP’s music-making strengths: believable and true-to-life timbre, coherent recreation of low-level detail, accurate tracking of subtle volume and dynamic shifts, and a sense of swing, rhythm, and timing that makes perfect sense and is infectiously involving. Above all is the communication of the artistic intent of the music. As you move up the OL product line each LP strength improves, yet each product is deeply satisfying at its own price and position in the OL hierarchy. Origin Live’s product line is one of the most rational in the industry. You get improvements in degree, not in kind, as you ascend the product line, maintaining the trademark OL balance of sonic coherence and the essentials of music-making. Furthermore, I’ve always found Mark Baker’s claims and recommendations to be utterly reliable, even when they went against my own preconceptions.

Though Origin Live’s entry-level table, the Aurora MKII is a truly significant product. No other turntable near its price is even close to its sonic and music-making abilities, and all will demand after-market ancillaries to even begin to be able to work as they should. The saving of the price of these isolation and record interface ancillaries pays for an arm upgrade or for the phono cartridge. The Aurora’s ability to handle even an ultra arm like the Conqueror expands its range of application. I would say that the symmetrical price of the $1691 Origin Live Encounter arm would yield a truly balanced system, allowing choice of just about any cartridge on the market.


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