Merlin Cables Vivaldi MK 1 - 1 metre pair

SKU: Merlin Cables Vivaldi MK 1 - 1 metre pair

Vivaldi analogue interconnect

The Merlin Vivaldi interconnects offer some of the best possible sound on the market today.  There unique design and ability to be sonically perfect makes this interconnect bring out the best in your hifi system.  Merlin cables are made from 1mm multi-strand high purity copper employing advanced absorption techniques.  These cables are a much needed addition to any hifi system to gain the best possible sound.  This step up is surely going to make your system shimmer with sound.

Offering double the filtering level of the Verdi,  Using IRC ( Inert Resin Coating) HCT (HYbrid Core Technology) and NAS (noise Absorbing System)

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