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The Cabinets are built from High Quality Machinable MDF, as this is easier to machine and easier to spray, it also makes the cabinet more dense and less resonant. The LA12-500 will also have a small amount of electronic Q adjustment to make it a 0.7 Q and this will also give rise to the -3dB point being lower. The -3dB point in the middle of a field is going to about 30Hz, which does not sound too low on paper, but, you are not going to use it in a field. The very slow roll off matches very well with boundary gain and will extend the bass well below 20Hz, so what you will end up with is a subwoofer with very deep bass capable of high SPL,s that will be Audiophile quality but also cope extremely well with movies.
Drive-Unit High End 12" (300mm) Long Throw Aluminium Basket with 2" voice coil
Cabinet 70 Litre sealed enclosure critically braced made with 25mm High Density merchantable
grade MDF
500W MOSFET Amplifier
5 Second Anti Thump Delay
Thermal Protection
ASP Automatic Speaker Protection
Short Circuit Protection
4mm Thick Aluminium Front Panel with integral heatsink
Phase Shift Continuously variable 0 - 180Deg
High and Low level inputs with separate gain control
Balanced Input
Upper roll off is continuously variable between 40Hz and 120Hz
Phase Shift Continuously variable 0 - 180Deg


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