JELCO TK 950 S Tonearm

SKU: JELCO TK 950 S Tonearm

JELCO TK 950 S Tonearm

9 inch Dynamic balance type with headshell and digital stylus pressure gauge.

Design Hi-Mass type system, and different kind material used for antivibration, it has a very low gravity and excellent sound created from this
tonearm geometry allows for Bearwald alignments which is IEC recommended
Universal type counter weight from 17 to 35 g with headshell installed

Knife Edge bearing

This knife edge material is specifically made super steel and has a very stable and smooth operation. This knife edge is precision handmade and the result is to have a very low friction

Universal type counterweight

This Very unique structure of counterweight is to set lighter to heavier cartridges without having to change the counterweight itself

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