Jasmine Audio JS-TAAB-1 Air Float Tangent Arm

SKU: Jasmine Audio JS-TAAB-1 Air Float Tangent Arm

Highly sophisticated technology
JS-TAAB-1 airfoil tangent arm, due to a series of sophisticated technology, makes playing back vinyl, the sound field is wide, the background is pure, dynamic, and both ends of the extension is good, is the pursuit of the ultimate vinyl effect

Patented nano-conductive air-sparging bearing
JASMINE's independently developed JS-TAAB-1 airfoil tangent arm uses air-bearing bearings made of nano-conductive materials and is completely independent of patents, filling the gaps in domestic scientific research achievements.

Slider cavity high-pressure nanoporous gas supply
The use of high-tech slider internal cavity high-pressure nano-porous gas supply method, the formation of high rigidity inside the bearing, micron error, zero-friction air film, completely isolate the external vibration interference, to ensure the ultra-high precision linear operation, Makes the pickup completely pick up all the musicical information from the vinyl Groove.

Double carbon arm pipe
In order to ensure the pure transmission of weak signals, the JS-TAAB-1 adopts a double carbon fiber arm tube, and the left and right channel signals picked up by the cartridge are separately transmitted from their respective shielding tubes to avoid mutual crosstalk between the left and right channels. Effectively improve the resolution and purity of the sound.

Technical Parameters
Effective arm length

175 mm
Axis spacing

230 mm
Bearing type

Precision high pressure air bearing
Effective quality

Total mass of the horn

Compensation angle

0 degree
Tracking error

Vertical azimuth adjustment

Precision differential
Azimuth adjustment

Adjustable by pickup mechanism
Arm tube

Dual carbon arm pipe, physical isolation of left and right channels
air pump

Long life, silent high pressure air pump, (0.1 bar)
Allows the pickup weight

6 gr ~ 18 gr

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