Edwards Audio Series SP1 MK 2 Loudspeaker

SKU: Edwards Audio Series SP1 MK 2 Loudspeaker

**SP1 get 5 Stars & awarded Editors Choice in Jan 2013 issue of AV Magazine in Poland**

This is the first speaker in a proposed range of three for the Edwards Audio series that adds the missing link that allows us to offer a complete system of outstanding sound quality and value.

Based loosely around an already proven design we enlisted the services of Richard Allen, a renowned and experienced acoustic engineer to help advance the design further and to make it perform how we wanted. To this end we have improved the tweeter, optimised the X-over using high quality capacitors and air cored inductors in addition to which we radiused the front baffle to improve dispersion.

Partnered with our TT1 turntable or a digital source via the 24/192 USB DAC input through our IA1-R amplifier and naturally using our TALK 3 speaker cable, these speakers give a simply stunning, open, effortless and dynamic performance with strong, coherent rhythm and timing. This is a classic system that performs way beyond the apparent sum of it’s part’s - which was exactly what we intended to achieve.

W=170mm D = 250mm H = 310mm
Rear ported 2 way bass reflex
Power handling: 75W
Sensitivity: 87dB - 1W 1 meter


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