Edwards Audio Little Belter Single

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Belt is now Blue


Originally designed for use with the (Rega derived) Edwards Audio turntables, these special drive belts are now available separately for use with any Rega turntable. These belts are made from a material which is quite different from others, it has a smooth, shiny, and slightly sticky surface which is (and I think this is the most important bit) much less elastic than normal rubber belts and much more grippy. The only ‘downside’ is it can squeak momentarily on start up as it gains traction (although I’d always recommend a light push start to the platter on any turntable as it prolongs the life of drive belts (etc) and solves this problem).
So far this is the best sounding drive belt I’ve found for Rega turntables, and a very worthy competitor to the upgraded white Rega belt. The gains include improved timing and imaging stability, with the whole sound becoming more precise and focused. Don’t be put off by its very reasonable price, this is a very beneficial addition to any suitable deck.

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