Edwards Audio Apprentice IA2-R Mk2

SKU: Edwards Audio Apprentice IA2-R Mk2

Developed from the IA-1, the IA-2 integrated amplifer has 65W with remote volume and a 250VA transformer. Includes MM input Board
The result is the impressive Edwards Audio series of integrated amplifiers. During the development we hit a few ‘problems’ with cost of the casework but these were eventually solved by investing in our own dedicated tooling for a custom Extrusion that is used for the side panels, this meant that we could almost eliminate bends in the metalwork, we ended up with just one, thus removing unnecessary cost. The result we feel is a very attractive product with our customary top level of sonic performance.
The main design is a spin off from it bigger brothers, with some lessons learnt along the way and is based around an all new class AB, Bi-polar, darlington configured output stage using Sanken devices, coupled with a differential front end and buffered voltage stage. The main PSU consists of a custom wound toroidal transformer with 20,000uF of smoothing. The passive pre-amp section uses an Soundwell volume control and features relay input switching. SO, no compromises on the parts then!!
The IA model design brief was to produce a ‘hair/shirt’ all out performance product that anyone can afford, which in these tough economic times we find ourselves is an important consideration, so the only concession to modernism has been the elimination of remote volume. The IA-2 has remote volume if you can’t live without it!!

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