Deluxe Stylus Force Gauge

SKU: Deluxe Stylus Force Gauge

Set your Tracking Force accurately with a  Deluxe Stylus Force Gauge!

This deluxe Zinc alloy bodied Anti Magnetic stylus gauge accurately reads Stylus Tracking Force to an accuracy of 0.001 grams, the finest reading available.

Setting correct Vertical Tracking Force is absolutely essential for optimal record playback. Track too heavy, the music becomes thick and sluggish - too light and the sound will be thin and anaemic…the cartridge is also more likely to mis-track.

The Deluxe Stylus Force Gauge offers full anti magnetic metal casing, a backlit display, uses AAA batteries, and comes in a deluxe leather-look storage case. A mini screwdriver and a calibration weight are also included.

Mechanical stylus balances cannot compete with the accuracy of a digital stylus force gauge and this is one case where digital makes more sense when it comes to fine-tuning your turntable.

     Dightal LCD display
    Automatic power-off
     Professional accuracy.Zero(Tare)feature
     Weighing units: g oz dwt ct
     Supplied powered: 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries(included)
                 0.1g: 100g x 0.1g
                 0.01g: 100g x 0.01g,   50g x 0.01g
     Touch screen
     Zinc alloy material

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