CR Electronics ROMULUS 2 Intergrated Amplifier

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Romulus 2 is based on the original CR Romulus Integrated amplifier, combining high performance, attractive styling and the unique CR valve sound. Romulus has set new standards in valve amplification, which others now strive to reproduce. The Romulus is 100% British made By Chris Lanhamn The unusual circuit technique ensures total symmetry around the output stage, which formed the bases of this amplifier and continues to form the basis of many CR Products. Attention to finish and exterior detail matches the electronic quality of this product, making it an exceptional item in any surroundings.

For those that know me, The Romulus was always my favorite integrated amplifier and provided years of trouble free audiophile enjoyment. David Millman of Soundsatge said of the original Romulus

"There was detail but not etch or exaggeration. Soundstaging was clearly articulated, with consistent placement in front of the speakers…. Without sounding soft or flabby, there was a wonderful three-dimensional quality that one generally associates with tube gear." "Bass weight and treble extension were good, but it was always the midrange that delighted and impressed." "The Romulus has soul."

This has continued in The Romulus 2 There are limited numbers available as each is hand built as ordered.

Romulus 2 will provide sufficient power 45 watts to comfortably drive most loudspeakers and is often used with relatively insensitive 88dB SPL loudspeakers in the Company listening room. Six inputs can be selected using the front panel control, although the switching can be bypassed and the amplifier connected directly to a pre-amplifier if desired. Tube sockets are hard wired to the circuit board to guarantee reliability and isolate other components form heat stress, thus making Romulus and exceptionally reliable and durable piece of equipment. Exterior stainless steel panels retain their high-gloss finish, as does the black chassis. MP 3 input is on the front panel for easy access.


Major improvements since the original Romulus:

Transformers have been imprived for lower noise and better frequency response

4 and 8 OHM output taps, for improved speaker matching

Bias is easier for end user to adjust

Circuit has been optimized for El34 output tubes

Heavier speaker binding posts

MP3 input on front panel

Tape loop

Selectable voltage 120 - 240

Heavier Chasis - Steel Chsis is now 2mm thick

Aluminum Front Panel




Configuration:           CLASS AB

Power Output:            45 Watts RMS

Response:                    20Hz-25KHz ±2dB

Distortion:                   0.2 % 1W @ 1KHz

                                       0.8 % 15W @ 1KHz

                                       0.9 % 30W @ 1KHz

Noise:                         <5mV

Number of Inputs:      5

Input Level

[for Rated Output]:     Line 100mV

Load Impedance:         4 and 8 Ohms

Power  Consumption: 350 Watts [max]

Line  Voltage:              115/230 Volts

Valve Line-Up:

Output Tubes:                 EL34 x 4

Input tubes

                                       12BH7 x2

                                       12AX7 x3

Dimensions:                 430 x 150 x 350 mm

Dimensions Packed:     530 x 450 x 240 mm

Weight Net:                   42.5 Lbs

Weight Gross:               47.5 Lbs



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