Burmester 088 Preamplifier

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The 088 preamplifier perfectly melds high-quality sound with attractive visual appearance. Its operation is simple and intuitive and guarantees a relaxed listening experience.

Also has the additional line level input stage RCA



Two large rotary dials for input selection and volume control dominate the classic chrome front panel of the 088 preamplifier.

The engraved Burmester signature and the model moniker above the power switch, which can be used to switch the 088 on, off or into standby mode, round out the visuals.

The exquisite chrome front panel, typical for Burmester’s Top Line components, is manufactured in a complex process by carefully chosen suppliers.

Even the small screws for bolting the front panel to the housing are individually chrome-plated and checked for perfect quality.


Dimensions (W x H x D) 482×96.7×344.5mm / 19×3.9×13.6in
Weight 9kg / 19.8lbs
Inputs 6 XLR / 1 RCA
Phono Input optional MM / MC
Outputs 1 XLR, 1 Tape out(XLR)
Head phone jack 6.3mm
Module slots 1
Optional modules Phono MC / MM, DAC, Line
Surround Throughput Yes
Input Names Programmable Yes
Remote Controlled Yes
Burlink Yes
X-Amp 2 Yes
Remote Input / Output 1 / 1
Input Impedance XLR/RCA 11 kΩ/ 16.5 kΩ
Output Impedance XLR/RCA  230Ω / 116Ω
Input Sensitivity re. 1 V 550 mV / 90 mV
Max. Output level 23.7V
Frequency Response  < 10 Hz – 150 kHz
Signal to noise-ratio >107 dB
Special Features Dual zone operation, 4 Channel Mode


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