Audeze LCD-XC

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All the Benefits Plus Privacy

The closed-back LCD-XC offers all the benefits of the LCD Collection’s open designs and isolates the listener while reducing ambient noise. No sound escapes the earcups.

Easy to Drive

Like all Audeze headphones the LCD-XC is equipped with Fazor technology and is sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players like iPods, iPhones, and the better smartphones but an external amplifier produces better results.

Improved Focus and Clarity

Fast, dynamic and accurate sound using our proprietary technology that eliminates breakup modes found in other designs and improves focus and clarity.

Fazor Technology

Audeze’s patent-pending Fazor elements improve clarity, focus and the already spectacular holographic imaging. Two Fazor elements are placed just outside the two magnet structures that surround the diaphragm. They guide and manage the flow of sound around the magnets and are standard on all LCD headphones.


“I can't offer a higher headphone recommendation. Audeze has rewritten the rules of engagement again ” -MICHEAL MERCER, POSITIVE FEEDBACK

 “From the butter-soft leather, to the gorgeous wood earcups, they exude luxury in a way most headphones don’t ... The Audeze LCD-XC’s are exquisitely well built and offer incredible performance ... Those two things define a good luxury item.” – GEOFFREY MORRISON, FORBES

“In our collective opinions, the LCD-X and LCD-XC are nothing short of the very best headphones from Audeze ... A fantastically large, holographic-like soundstage ... The LCD-XC captures the signature LCD sound in a pair of closed-back headphones.” – MERCER, WARREN CHI, MICHAEL LLANG, AUDIO360.COM

“Having created a new driver for the LCD-XC, Audeze went on to apply the driver in a new open-back model, called the LCD-X ... The result is a closed-back ‘phone that offers plenty of noise isolation, yet that retains the open, energetic, and highly articulate sound of the LCD-3.” - CHRIS MARTENS, HIFI+

Features and Specifications

Style: Closed circumaural

Transducer type: Planar magnetic

Magnetic structure: Proprietary self-closing design

Magnet type: High-grade Neodymium

Diaphragm area: 39.8sq cm (6.17sq in)

Maximum power: 15W (for 200 ms)

Optimal power: 1-4W

SPL: > 130dB with 15W

Frequency response: 5Hz - 20kHz extension to 50kHz

THD: < 1%

Impedance: 20 ohms

Efficiency: 95dB / 1mW

Weight: 650g

Cable length: 2.5m (8.2 ft)

Package Includes

2.5m (8.2ft) 6.35mm (1/4in) to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable

2.5m (8.2ft) 4-pin XLR to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable

6.35mm (1/4in) to 3.5mm (1/8in) stereo adapter

Ruggedized travel case Wood care kit

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