ATACAMA Elite Eco 6.0 Hi Fi Medium Finish Bamboo- Individual Shelves

SKU: ATACAMA Elite Eco 6.0 Hi Fi Light Oak Finish - Individual modules

NOTE: Listed price is for one module only.  End Price will be determined by how many modules you choose.

The ATACAMA ELITE ECO 6.0 is a specialist oversized single component width modular Hifi equipment support made from carbon treated bamboo resin composite. This high density carbonised bamboo gives significant major sonic qualities when compared to traditional hardwood and veneered supports, with its unique micro growth pore structure offering both vibration absorbing and sound dampening properties.

Each module is cut, finished and then stained by hand to achieve the Medium finish at the UK based Atacama factory giving this rack a stylish, modern appearance. The rear of each module tapers in for easy corner positioning should this be required, while the powercord isolation cable management loop located at the rear of each module is designed to keep mains leads together and away from sensitive signal cables.


-Ecologically sustainable-

Being a grass, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet that when harvested will continue to grow allowing a new crop every 5 to 7 years. Because of this fast renewable growth, bamboo absorbs high levels of CO2.

-Carbon Neutral-

Because of its fast growth rate and high CO2 absorption, when factoring in processing, manufacturing and shipping bamboo remains a Carbon neutral material.

-Animal friendly-

The type of bamboo plant used in the Construction of Atacama supports is not a food source for humans or endangered animal species (Panda friendly!).

Please note:- Bamboo is a natural material so colour, texture, grain and age may give a variable appearance to each module.

Elite ECO is made in the UK.


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