Ammonite Spacer Ring for Jelco Tonearm Collars 10mm

SKU: Ammonite Spacer Ring for Jelco Tonearm Collars 10mm

10mm spacer ring to precisely match our new silver Improved Mounting Collar in dimensions and colour.  Can also be used with a standard silver collar provided with the new 2018 Jelco arms but will not match the original’s shade of silver.

We have now added a precisely CNC-machined 10mm spacer ring to match our improved mounting collar.  The rings are fully compatible with standard Jelco collars in terms of overall diameter, but are a different shade of grey.  The shade of grey chosen for our improved mounting collars and spacer rings is close to that of the upper structure of the grey (bronze) SA-750 series arms.   The rings are colour-matched (in batches) to our Improved Mounting Collars, so we can only guarantee a precise colour match  when you buy an improved mounting collar and spacer(s) at the same time.  Our spacer rings are not colour matched to Jelco’s original collar.

The spacer ring is designed to raise the whole tonearm higher to accommodate really tall turntable platters, such as Garrard 301/401, Feickert and stacked platter Lencos.  The rings can be stacked if necessary.  Also available in black anodised finish.

Fixing bolts are available in different lengths depending on your needs.  Standard options are 40mm and 60mm.


Diameter: 56mm
Depth:      10mm

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